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Intellectual property
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Patent no. US  11947004 Registration no. 07951890
Name of the invention Preparation of polymerized beta-cyclodextrin powder and its application in steroid analysis from bio
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I.P sector Medical & Health
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Commercialization information
I.P Abstract & Summary Provided is a method for selective extraction of steroid compounds using entrapped �-cyclodextrin polymers. Particularly, steroid hormones can be effectively selected from a biological sample by selectively extracting steroid compounds using entrapped �-cyclodextrin polymers, prepared by adding epichlorohydrin to �-cyclodextrin to prepare a polymer in a gel state, entrapping the polymer and pulverizing the products without using an additional device required in conventional solid-phase extraction.
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#steroid compounds, #solid-phase extraction, #entrapped β-cyclodextrin polymers