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Patent no. US  11/911452 Registration no. 8048494
Name of the invention Diamond shell fabricated by using porous particle and the fabrication method thereof
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I.P Abstract & Summary A hollow diamond shell with a size of a few micrometer to hundreds of micrometer and having a geometrical shape and its fabrication method are disclosed. A diamond film is deposited by a CVD method and porous grits are used as a victim substrate to be etched later, so that the substrate can be easily removed by a capillary phenomenon that an etching solution can be intensively absorbed in a substrate etching process. Thus, a perfect diamond shell with only a plurality of fine pores with a nano size without any conspicuous opening can be obtained. Also, a diamond shell with a small opening of below 10 percent of the surface area of grits can be fabricated by controlling a nuclear generation of diamond particles.
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#Particle, #Manufacturing method, #Micro, #CVD, #Capillary tube, #Control