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Patent no. US  11/926509 Registration no. 8025776
Name of the invention Glass electrophoresis microchip and method of manufacturing the same by MEMS fabrication
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I.P Abstract & Summary Embodiments of the present invention may provide a microchip applicable to an electrophoresis employing UV detection and a method of manufacturing the same. The microchip of the present invention has a glass channel plate, which is formed on an upper surface thereof with a loading channel and a separation channel and is provided on the upper surface thereof with an optical slit layer made of silicon except the channel region, and a glass reservoir plate, which is formed with sample solution reservoirs and buffer solution reservoirs. The loading channel and the separation channel are formed on the channel plate by deep reactive ion etching. The sample solution reservoirs and the buffer solution reservoirs are formed in the reservoir plate by sand blasting. The channel plate and the reservoir plate are combined by anodic bonding the optical slit layer and the reservoir plate. Electrodes for sample and electrodes for buffer are deposited by sputtering Pt with a shadow mask after anodic bo
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