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Intellectual property

Intellectual property
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Patent no. US  77710414 Registration no. 3701449
Trademark name INCISTAR
Trademark name (English) INCISTAR
Trademark owner Pak's Trading Europe B.V. (Information of the patent holder: this can be different from the original registration)
Product category 025
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Commercialization information

Commercialization information
Designated product Clothing, namely, suits, coats, jackets, shirts, tops, t-shirts, shoes, pants, jeans, shorts, [ and underwear; ] footwear, and headgear, namely, [ hats, ] caps, [ and berets; shawls, scarves and gloves; rowing gear, namely, raincoats; ] women's clothing, namely, dresses [, skirts, and blouses ]
Trade type of the I.P Rights transfer ( Overall )
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I.P stage Idea stage

#Clothing, #namely, #suits, #coats, #jackets, #shirts, #tops, #t-shirts