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Intellectual property

Intellectual property
Domestic or overseas Domestic Form of the I.P Trademark
Patent no. US  77768598 Registration no. 3786964
Trademark name VINCISTAR V
Trademark name (English) VINCISTAR V
Trademark owner Pak's Trading Europe B.V. (Information of the patent holder: this can be different from the original registration)
Product category 016, 018, 024, 025, 028
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Commercialization information

Commercialization information
Designated product 1 016 us [ Paper, cardboard, goods made from paper and cardboard, namely, paper napkins and adhesive decals, calendars, agendas, bookmarkers, photograph and sticker albums, bags for packaging; leaflets, brochures and magazines featuring clothing and fashion; photographs, printing blocks, stickers and posters ]
2 018 us [ Leather, imitation leather, goods made of leather and imitation leather, namely, tote bags, rucksacks, schoolbags, shopping bags, briefcases; animal skins; trunks and traveling bags; backpacks, purses, wallets ]
3 024 us [ Textile and textile goods, namely, labels, napkins, place mats, coasters, flags, towels, handkerchiefs; textile bed and table covers ]
4 025 us Clothing, namely, jackets, leather jackets, ski jackets, [ sail jackets, ] outer skiwear, shirts, t-shirts, [ pants, jeans, ]
5 028 us [ Games, namely, card games and board games; sporting articles, namely, golf clubs, golf balls, soccer balls, basketballs, footballs, volley balls, softballs, hockey pucks
Trade type of the I.P Rights transfer ( Overall )
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I.P stage Idea stage

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