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Patent no. IN  20-2015-0007810 Registration no. 20-0480099
Name of the invention Apparatus For Receiving Rainwater For Window Frame
Name of the invention(English) Apparatus For Receiving Rainwater For Window Frame
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Commercialization information
I.P Abstract & Summary The present invention is for the window frame of a building to prevent contamination of the outer wall of the building by rainwater falling on the window frame installed in the building
It is about rainwater collection equipment. Its configuration is fixedly installed on the outer side of the window frame with drain holes,
It is in the form of a long container containing a bottom plate and a side plate, but on one side, rainwater discharged through the drain hole above is used
A rainwater receiving part with an open top is provided to receive it, and a drain hole is provided on the other side to allow the received rainwater to flow out
be characterized by being arranged.
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#Window, #drain, sewer, drainage hole, #rainwater, #an outer wall, #a rain trap